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#1 fanfic

i love it 5/5 had me on edge and i cried/died/farted

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Im glad my video made you go through the circle of life!


that was great! you portrayed them a lot like i like to think of them when they are at home. i think of them as really nice with eachother but end up murdering everyone else in society.

love the scene where dad is revving the chainsaw and getting closer to santa. LOL so epic

thanks for making this! glad you liked them enough to do a spinoff!

EM549 responds:

Dan! Wow. Thank you so much for your comment. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :)

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this is lots of fun! thanks for the dad n me character cameo, too :)


i enjoy the bird hitting the building, look at that amount of DETAIL. great pose on the guy in the airplane!! lol

thanks much for citing alien hominid as an inspiration, that was a really nice treat to see after defeating hitler with my CROTCH.

the only unfair feeling part was the elevator. if i ducked early the enemies were already firing low before i came up, but other than that, that's all i got, great job chap

I-smel responds:

Oh cool it's DanPaladin.

Yeah if you don't duck- Then shoot the guys just as your crotch comes out of the elevator, you can shoot their knees off before they get a chance to fire. It's a shame, one of the beta testers asked; why do they duck if they can't see you? I guess I forgot to edit it.

pretty cool

whew. really steep learning curve. too steep for me, made me feel like a dumbass. on my 5th or 6th attempt to get past training 4 i had enough of the abuse!

you must be a smartypants to make puzzles this difficult. give people a more gradual difficulty. ease them gently and slowly into your nerd-like hell and i think even more people will enjoy it.

this is a lot like cubis, visually and in theory.

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Yahtzei responds:


Fistbump (o'.')-o

i like it, and i'm a developer, so there! now it's even!

Calamaistr responds:

And youre a developer who's castle crashers game i have enjoyed a lot so this is a really nice compliment :)
If you ever need a composer for a small or big project, give me a pm, i generally work for free so that should save you some coins ;)

This is really great. I love how it has energy but it's also super super low key chill.

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Me too

This is so cooooool. Oh how I wish.

ScepterDPinoy responds:

Thank you.


How great. I totally miss TheDraw ANSI program... I wonder if i'd be able to produce anything decent in it - it always escaped me back then how anyone was able to get a decent product.

This is amazing in a way because now you can take advantage of the intense resolutions we've advanced to! Still, one must click on it and scroll up and down to really get the proper viewing experience. How awesome, well done.

enzob7 responds:

Thanks, Dan. Let me know whenever you feel like drawing some ansi. We keep a website at www.blocktronics.net that is worth checking.

i try to answer everyone's messages but i just can't keep up - please know i love you all forever and ever and that you all are each part of the reason i do art. the tablet I use is a Wacom Intuos-3 6x8" and i use Flash MX. no platform questions please.


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