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i try to answer everyone's messages but i just can't keep up - please know i love you all forever and ever and that you all are each part of the reason i do art. the tablet I use is a Wacom Intuos-3 6x8" and i use Flash MX. no platform questions please.


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game 3 X-Play and Gameplay walkthrough videos

Posted by DanPaladin - August 18th, 2009

The very awesome people at G4TV were kind enough to have us on X-Play so that we could talk about the story for Game# 3, as well as some of the various game modes and mechanics.

Videos below!


As an added bonus we recorded roughly 15 minutes of gameplay showing off some never before seen game modes..........

http://g4tv.com/videos/40797/The-Behem oth-Game-3-working-title-Direct-Feed-W alkthrough/

enjoy please


Enjoy it I did. Mission accomplished.

Cant wait (Will it be for PSN?)

You dont have to snap at me!

looks awsome

Lol yeah I saw that on tv it was awesome. Can't wait for game 3.

Man I hope this comes out on a system I have.

Oh man... I can't wait to buy this baby

hell yeah! i just watched the x play on G4 today! i really thought it was going to be called the third game lol

just call it Game #3
That'll do, pig.

Nothing like gettin' chewed out by the wife about your lost blackhead son while youre trying to play vidja games.

John Baez is pretty unprofessional.

Who answers their phone during the middle of a demo, seriously.

It's kind of unprofessional to talk about how professional one is with that one's coworker.

Im going to buy it 25 times because I just want you to be happy.

well we're looking at downloadable only so you can't buy it 25 times i think, but it is the thought that counts! thanks!!

PC version? :)

You should put some art in the art portal. People will apretiate that.

i'll try.. i don't have any of it in any handy spot.

a good name will be yhe game of friendship hehe :P

im gonna be the only truthful guy here and say

looks a little lame ATM, sorry...

i'm glad everyone is lying to us, i'd hate to hear THAT all day

The versus looks awesome, but the co-op looks time consuming and repetitive. i know you'll work out the kinks though long before you ever release the game :)

well, i don't know.. i've really enjoyed the co-op, there are all kinds of funny unexpected things happening, just like in the PDA games in alien hominid.

this particular level has some thought involved and neither of us were really focusing at all.

thanks for the faith, we'll polish it good!

awsome >.< gief O.O

nice :)

Why don't you submit some of your art?

alright i will

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