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i try to answer everyone's messages but i just can't keep up - please know i love you all forever and ever and that you all are each part of the reason i do art. the tablet I use is a Wacom Intuos-3 6x8" and i use Flash MX. no platform questions please.


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So is Stamper the narrator again or an actual character in the story?

I just died.

Aw yes!
Sounds interesting!

This is really exciting, can't wait to see more!

And please try to record more of your process when making the game. I really enjoy and learn a lot from watching the time lapse videos you do.

Keep up the great work DanPaladin and Behemoth!

Thanks! I do have some recorded already, going to keep trying to record more.

stamper's narration makes my life..
Looking forward to the game!

judging soley on what the trailer shows us, i'm taking a wild guess and saying this is kind of a squeal to battleblock theater in some way

Anything Stamper touches turns golden. This looks very promising as all of Behemoth's games have had a unique humor and style all of their own!

More like Gay-Me 4!
Wait, I'm not gay.
Fuck you Dan Paladin!

Name idea:
Bearen Wasteland.

Is that a breaking bad ripoff I smell?

this is the story of Walter White

I'm not trying to brag or anything but I think you guys make really good games and that this will be very good as well. Also, you guys have really really good style. Also, PAX Seattle?

Are you and your friend Tom Fulp going to be there?

I remember seeing this during development at Pico day, can't wait to see the final version! :D

Wow this looks awesome! Really great teaser, can't wait to learn more about the gameplay, plot, and the world it all takes place in :)

Well he know the pleasures of good chaotic entertainment engulfed in flames the hype!

Did Dan Paladin just make a post? awesome!
can't wait for game 4 man!

Psyched for this.

I don't know why, but the whole "bear crashing into the planet" thing makes me think this is going to have an Adventure Time-ish thing going on. Not that that ever happened in the show...

Did I see Hatty and a Dad reaper? :3

Looking forward to this Dan. Looks awesome, and going off of The Behemoth's track history, it definitely will be.

Why wasn't there any activity for a while? It's like the company was on a hiatus.

Wooooooooooow, still using the block heads, some things never change :P

I didn't see Tom at comic con this year

but I talked to some of the staff about this game idea I want to pitch to the behemoth

how do I do that

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