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wacom 6x8" intous3 tablet, flash MX

camtasia used for recording

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castle crashers frost king drawing

this video contains SPOILERS!

here's a 19 minute long video (sped up 650%) on some of the design and animation processes of the undead cyclops from castle crashers.

i am using flash MX and a wacom intuos3 6x8" tablet.

it won't let me embed it, so here's the link: http://vimeo.com/3010855?pg=embed&sec=

castle crasher undead cyclops video

alien hominid video

2008-08-05 02:35:06 by DanPaladin

here you can see the alien hominid unlock that you receive in castle crashers if you have alien hominid HD on your 360:

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you can follow updates on castle crashers at http://devblog.thebehemoth.com

amazing!!! clint burgin, who has sculpted all of our figurines thus far, is now working on 4 foot tall figures for comic-con this year! he should be done the night before the show just in time for awesomeness. clint has been working day and night thanks to the very short notice we gave him :) thank you clint!!!!!!!! we'll have these characters at our booth so you can all take pictures next to them!

tom and i went up to see how clint was doing. while we were there i took some pictures to share!! here you can see them in their blue foam glory -unfinished in shape, but definitely giving a good glimpse of the progress.

we'll also be bringing these to PAX. see you guys there!

for those of you wondering about release date, follow this link: http://www.joystiq.com/2008/07/17/cast le-crashers-galaga-legions-more-on-xbl a-in-4-6-weeks/


castle crashers four foot figure


2008-07-21 21:51:06 by DanPaladin


i always make-a a mistake-a when trying to post front page

castle crashers BEEFY mode omg

2008-07-10 20:49:49 by DanPaladin

goodness gracious beefy mode in castle smax reveals before between throughout above, as shown below.

you get it by eating peanut butter jelly sandwiches!!!!!

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2008-07-10 20:43:42 by DanPaladin


over at the castle crashers development blog we have posted a fan art section and released some more info on pets, weapons, and characters.

if you have any fan art that you've made that you don't see in that gallery, please email: games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com and we'll add it in no problem!! thanks to everyone for the awesome images.


castle crasher character revealed, fan art section added

alien hominid MEGA64 video

2008-06-03 21:58:49 by DanPaladin

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castle crashers world map video

2008-05-07 01:45:06 by DanPaladin

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for some of you, you may have already seen this video -- but to most, you probably have not seen this before. it is a capture of working on part of the world map for castle crashers.

i realized i was not clicking frontpage when posting, but now i shall. sorry about that. anyway, if you want to see new videos you can backtrack through my blog posts, or go to http://devblog.thebehemoth.com to see characters and weapons and pets and other things revealed about castle crashers as we get closer and CLOSER and CLOSER to launch. oh it is so close i can smell it! this summer smells wonderful.

i love you, please enjoy the video

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